50th Anniversary Celebration with Hello Kitty’s: 5 Must-Visit Experiential Zones

HELLO Kitty celebrates its 50th anniversary worldwide in style, partnering with Harbour City in Hong Kong as the “International Friendship Ambassador” for the unforgettable “HELLO KITTY • HAPPY 50 @Harbour City” anniversary celebration.

Join us from 25 January to 25 February for an enchanting experience! Explore the 5 captivating experiential zones, starting with the HELLO KITTY 50th Anniversary “Parade Performance” Thematic Installation and photo opportunities with the 5-meter-high Hello Kitty daruma.

Immerse yourself in lion dance culture at the Hello Kitty Lion Dance Garden and marvel at the exquisite Hello Kitty art exhibition, showcasing exclusive collaborations, limited-edition sculptures, paintings, and jewellery.

Discover a world of adorable treasures at the two pop-up stores, including customizable candy cookie gift boxes and exclusive anniversary collectibles. Harbour City also brings you the redemption of 50 HELLO KITTY Past Styles’ Tote Bags and a charity exchange for the Hello Kitty Glittery Charm.

Also, don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Hello Kitty designer, Ms. Yuko Yamaguchi’s autograph event on 2 to 3 February! Hello Kitty extends a warm invitation to fans worldwide to join the excitement at Harbour City and “Friend the Future”.

All event proceeds, after deducting minimal costs, will be generously donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

1st Checkpoint: Experience the 50th Anniversary “Parade Performance” Installation and Collect 8 Adorable Hello Kitty Daruma Capsules

Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary “Parade Performance” Installation is ready at the Ocean Terminal Forecourt, and inviting all fans to hop on and participate.

The parade float is designed with the concept of an “Apple Wishing Garden”, where Hello Kitty transforms into a Daruma of wishes, hoping to send different blessings to everyone.

The installation consists of three parade floats, led by Hello Kitty waving flags that bear the special logo of Harbour City. The first float, the “Classic Apple-shaped Float”, is driven by Hello Kitty’s sister, Mimmy.

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