Colourful Public Art Show – “Planet Walala @Harbour City”

IN Hong Kong Arts Month, Harbour City has invited the renowned French artist Camille Walala to create the Colourful Public Art Show “Planet Walala @Harbour City” from 21 March to 21 April 2024.

The three major highlights include two large public installations and a solo art exhibition, all interacting with the public in different ways.

The first-ever Hong Kong City Sign “Now You See It Now You Don’t” as a brand-new permanent artistic landmark, together with the outdoor artistic maze “A-MAZE”, will be displayed at Ocean Terminal Deck alongside the iconic Victoria Harbour.

Meanwhile, Camille will host her first solo art exhibition “Metropolis” at Gallery by the Harbour to showcase the charisma of colours.

In addition, Harbour City will organize a series of extensive and thrilling art activations targeting a wide range of audiences throughout the campaign.

Camille Walala, a multi-disciplinary artist based in London, is well-known for her artworks encompassing full-facade murals, immersive 3D installations, street art, interior and set design – all characterized by a fusion of bold colours and playful geometric patterns.

Being in awe of the architecture in Hong Kong, Camille incorporated geometrics found in the cityscape into the City Sign and the Maze, bringing connectivity between people and the locality.

More than just a photogenic spot, the installations inspire happiness and spark positivity with the design of joyful colours.

First-ever Hong Kong City Sign, the Brand-new Artistic Landmark and Photo Spot
Numerous famous tourist destinations around the globe have their own city signs as an iconic landmark, such as “I Seoul U” in South Korea, “TORONTO” in Canada, and “HOLLYWOOD” in the U.S., all serving as popular photo spots for visitors and a highlight of their journey.

This year, Harbour City invited Camille Walala to design the first-ever Hong Kong City Sign, titled “Now You See It Now You Don’t”, which stands at a height of 3m and stretches a width of 6.5m. From the perspective of a foreign tourist, in the eyes of both an artist and a designer, Camille has outlined the unique silhouette of the city.

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