SAKImoto Bakery in Hong Kong Opens in Harbour City

Premium Artisanal Handcrafted Jam – jewel jam
SAKImoto Bakery has developed the “jewel jam” series with 3 categories and 15 flavours, which is crafted to bring delight and satisfaction to both the giver and the receiver. Here are  three categories:

FRUIT – Enjoy the various harmonies of fruits, spices, and herbs in our jewel-like fruit jams and savour the exquisite taste of these fruity gems.

MILK – With their soft, pearly glows, these creamy milk jams are so smooth that they melt in your mouth. Made mainly with Hokkaido milk and cream, and carefully infused with sugar and condensed milk, this is a series of aromatic jams to excite your meal table spreads.

JAPONISME – Relax in the wholesome moment as you indulge in the Japonisme milk jams. Inspired by traditional Japanese desserts, savour the sweetness and fragrance as you pair these jams with Shokupan. Among the top five best-selling flavours in Japan are Milk Butter Pearl, Pistachio Pearl, Strawberry Garnet, Ruby Rose & Framboise and Earl Grey Pearl.

These are the flavours which are an absolute must-try! Guests can also purchase a jam gift set, which is a choice of 3 types of flavours, with exquisite gift boxes and ribbon packaging, it is the perfect gift for family, friends or even as a treat for yourself.

28mm style – Single Slice Special Packaging
The 28mm style Shokupan, perfect as a casual gift for a friend, or your own light lunchtime treat. An ideal product catering to your different lifestyle needs. We highly recommend to have it with any flavour of the jewel jam. Enjoy it on the day after purchase, if you don’t want to add anything, you can simply enjoy its richness with layers of natural sweetness combined with its soft, chewy, and slightly moist texture.

Honey Rusk
Gokunama Milk Butter chopped into bite-size, dipped in sugar and toasted into a crispy texture.

The Shokupan Jam Set will be served on a wooden tray. Customers can choose whether they would like their toasted Shokupan to be served with either jams or butter. The Shokupan comes with a 9-grid mark, allowing customers to put different flavours of jam in each grid. Giving every mouthful an exquisite and unique taste.

A choice of 3 types of jam specially developed by “SAKImoto Bakery”. They are served on the small white spoons with rich and silky Hokkaido butter or French butter, whether you are having Shokupan on its own, or with butter and jam spread, both are extremely delicious.

Take Out
Other than eat-in, customers can have their choice of a single slice of Shokupan and match with 2 flavours of jam as a take-out option. You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere!

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