SAKImoto Bakery in Hong Kong Opens in Harbour City

SAKImotoBakery is a premium bread speciality store originating from Osaka, Japan. The first-ever SAKImoto Bakery in Hong Kong is opening in Harbour City.

The Hong Kong store imitates the unique style of SAKImoto, with its cement and wooden theme shop design. It will bring an unprecedented unique dining experience which will allow Hong Kong customers to indulge the original flavour of Shokupan without flying to Japan.

The equipment, ingredients and production process which will all strictly follow the Japanese operation guidelines. The chef from the Japanese headquarters also comes to Hong Kong to ensure Shokupan’s authenticity.

SAKImoto Bakery Premium Shokupan Specialty Shop (HongKong) not only brings you the two famous Japanese classic flavours “Gokubi NATURAL Shokupan” and “Gokunama MILKBUTTER Shokupan”, it will also have limited daily special flavours and seasonal flavours from time to time.

The store will provide 15 flavours of premium artisanal handcrafted jam delivered directly from Japan for customers to purchase.

Masamitsu Sakimoto, the founder of SAKImoto Bakery, wanted to create a healthy bread, without using eggs and milk, so that his daughter who has allergies can enjoy.

After 2 years of product development, a vision in mind to create exquisite taste and texture, bringing out the natural sweetness and gentle fragrance of wheat.

With the intention to incorporate ideas behind western confectionery, which is the company’s original business, Masamitsu devoted a vast amount of time to develop a new bread culture. From the very first bite to the very last, you are sure to be satisfied with the specially crafted Shokupan.

The unique production techniques, bring to you premium Shokupan with a chewy texture and aromatic flavours.

Gokubi NATURAL Shokupan
(Product types: 1 loaf/28mm style/Single slice with jam take out)

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