Hermes Opens The Largest Store In Kowloon

This passage is artfully punctuated by boxes, some of which feature walls of carved bamboo, which establish a regular rhythm for the customer journey.

These boxes are intimate spaces in which to encounter the house’s collections, similar to the watches and jewellery alcove, where the precious nature and workmanship of both métiers are highlighted.

Each universe flows freely into the next but is marked by a bespoke colour palette that coherently unites materials and furnishings to create a unique ambience.

The women’s universe is awash in a soft, feminine shade of old rose, while the men’s universe is blanketed in pale green.

The tobacco hues, which echo those of the façade and are a backdrop to the leather goods, home and equestrian collections, serve as a transitionary palette.

This new Hermès store invites a sense of curiosity and discovery, allowing local customers and visitors to take their time to explore the collections in a harmonious and warm tailor-made setting.

It will continue to showcase the house’s creativity and innovative spirit, celebrated in the annual theme for 2020, “Innovation in the making”, and give voice to craftsmanship and exceptional materials. (*)

Source : Harbour City

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