The Journey from Indonesia to Russia via China and Mongolia

The Journey from Indonesia to Russia via China and Mongolia

Part IV: Processing Russian Visa in Ulaanbaatar
Here my stories how can I get my Russian Visa in Ulaanbaatar-Mongolia. The process simplicity it self. It’s just took 5 minutes, I came to the embassy, gave my document to the officer who stand by in the outside, then he will asked you to put all of your luggage, and he will asked you to enter the door, brought all your documents to the officer behind the desk, he will check, and you will get the receipt.

You just need to pay to the TDB Bank for $70. I applied on 22 January 2018, and I can take it on 25 January 2018 at 13.00 Pm. The documents that you need :

1. Tourist Invitation Voucher
2. Russian Application Form, you can get it on Russian Embassy web. Please remember about the country that you applied you need to fill based on your current country, not Indonesia. Then print, the application form
3. Passport with a blank double-page spread, valid for at least 6 months after the date of expiry of the visa.
4. 1 photo 3×4 with white background
5. Flight booking ticket
6. Hostel booking reservation
7. Itineraries

Here’s the web that you can check If you want to process in Ulaanbaatar,

PS: for flight booking ticket, hostel, and itineraries I just prepare it, just in case If they didn’t approve my document. At the time, they checked it, and they returned my flight and hostel booking reservation. For the itinerary, he took it. Well, on this link they didn’t mention the 3 things that I mentioned before. I just did it, to avoid they ignore my application form. Btw it’s more easier than you process in Beijing, I’m pretty sure about it.

January 25, 2018
I woke up early in the morning, prepared my own breakfast and went to Russian Embasy. It was -42°C the lowest temperature that I got when I’m in Mongolia. I thought it’s gonna be freezing outside, but it’s not. I felt warm, maybe I was in hurry at time so I made a lot of movement lol.

Btw, from my volunteer place to Russian Embassy not really far, just 400 m. I came at 09.00 am, I didn’t realize that on my ticket they asked me to come at 13.00 pm. It’s totally useless for me to wake up early. Btw 09.00 am in Mongolia same with 07.00 am in Indonesia, the different time just 1 hour ahead, but the sunrise and sunset time was different. I just spent my time by walked around in the mall, I’m just curious how much does it cost for the outdoor winter stuff in Mongolia.

Well, the results it’s pretty expensive. Mostly they sale branded stuff such as North Face, Columbia, Sorrel, Jack Wolfskin and etc. Don’t worry about the originality, I already checked all the stuff that they sell in there were original. For example for the shoes from Columbia, shoes titanium thermal tech, on their product you will see “-54”, and it cost 392.000 Tugrik which is same with 2.173.000. It’s very interesting for me, because that’s the only 1 option that has cheapest price and it can resist the cold until -54, but I’m not a kind of person that can directly to decide and buy.

Based on my researched a lot of reviewer disappointed with this product, It can hold -40 only in 10 minutes then after that your feet will be freezing. You can check it more, for related product but that’s the conclusion that I got. Another stuff such as thermal gloves from Columbia 135.000 tugrik, Northface shoes 428.000 tugrik, Zamberland made in Italy 420.000 – 650.000 tugrik, socks with 80% wool material 40.000 tugrik, timberland shoes 400.000 tugrik, Merrell 472.000, Jack Wolfskin made in Vietnam 449.000, and Weibrener made in Romania but this one I forgot how much.

After I walked around, I went to the embassy and took my visa but the problem is I only got 7 days visa, I thought I will get 30 days visa because I usually just put few days itinerary when I processed my visa, such as China. At the time I processed it in Laos, I just put 3 days and I got 30 days. I will talk about it in another part.

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