The Journey from Indonesia to Russia via China and Mongolia

It’s totally high risk for me to keep processing my Russian visa, because If I got an approvement on 29 December, I had 3 days for them to process it, it’s more expensive because I will do with express visa.

If I got it, I will get it on the last day before my visa expired on 12 January. So I need to deduce which one is trustworthy travel agency. I found Russian National Group, I choose that one, because when I visit Russian Embassy website, they suggest the reader to use that one.

Yup, it’s expensive than another agency, $50 for 1 Tourist Invitation Voucher, and you can get on the same day. It took 30 minutes for them to process it. Please remember, that this travel agency based on New York which is has different time.

The difference time between China and New York around 13 hours. So I got my Tourist Invitation Voucher on the next day. I prepared all of my documents until 04.00 am in the morning, not only that. I also need to prepare my materials for my students in Tianjin, China and told to my host that I couldn’t attend to the class on that day.

Btw, she asked me to Introduce my country, so I drew Indonesian map on white board, and wrote about it with elaborate explanations, then I only slept 1 hour before I go to Beijing. I also did a lot of screen captures about the map or information how to go to Russian Embassy in Beijing, because since I’m in arrived in China, my I phone 5 didn’t support for China Mobile.

Actually there’s one sim card that still support for 3G users, it’s China Unicom, but I knew it on the last day I’m in China. I’ll continue the previous topic. So, I went to Russian Embassy, but they want me to print the online form from their website. At the time, I already filled the online form, but I made a mistake.

On the first page, you will be asked “ in which country you will apply this form?”, I choose Indonesia, as a result, on the last page I can’t print it because the address that I applied was Russian Embassy in Indonesia. Maybe, I already tired and I’m not focus when I filled the form.

So, they suggest me to go to their agency, not really far from Russian Embassy in Beijing. I forgot the name of that agency, but it’s located in the big mall. When I’m arrived on that agency, I made another mistake. I didn’t recognize that I put the departure date on 14 January. They reminded me, that my visa will be expired on 12 January.

They told to me, If you want to get the visa on 12 January, you need to change your data today, 15.00 pm. It’s impossible for me regarding I processed my Tourist Invitation Voucher on New York. As a result, that’s vain efforts for me. I was failed to get my Russian Visa.

Please always keep in mind about the 30 days and 31 days in every month. Previously I never care about it. It’s very important when you’re traveling. At the time I thought, I’m arrived in China on 14 December, so my visa will be expired on 14 January, but it’s totally wrong.

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