The Journey from Indonesia to Russia via China and Mongolia

There were 2 coincidences that happened to me while I’m in China. At the time I just want to try to take some money on ICBC ATM, I just want to check “How much fee that I should pay If I did withdrawal on that ATM, then I clicked it, suddenly I got the money without notification.

I was thinking, what? There’s no fee to take the money on this ATM? and the money that I took before it’s too much for me, I don’t know what I am going to do with that money. I was thinking maybe that coincidence was a sign for me to buy the flight ticket to Indonesia.

On weekend, I visited Tianjin eye, I saw there were some souvenir shops, and It’s pretty unique for me. I bought 4 mini characters when I’m in Tianjin, 1 “squash” that’s one of Plant vs Zombie Character, 1 “Chopper” that’s One Piece character, 1 Totoro, and 1 “Eeyore” that’s one of Winnie The Pooh Character.

Yup, those things convinced me that I thought I will go back to Indonesia. But, it’s totally not. Those coincidences took me to another way, not going back to Indonesia but to Mongolia and Russia.

Here’s where the stories began, one day I did some conversation with one of my friend from Russia, we never meet before, I just know about her when both of us taught English in Hai Phong, Northern Vietnam, but we were in the different English course. I knew her from one of my friend in my English course, they introduce her on Facebook Messenger. We talked about my Russian Visa.

At the time I almost gave up, but she convinced me by helping me, how to get Russian Visa. She’s very kind and helpful. She also gave me her address in Russia, just in case I need it. I also tried to read and find some more information about processing Russian Visa, then I just decided “Okay, I’ll try to process my visa to Beijing which is 110km from Tianjin”.

Regarding the cost, distance and time, I need to make a preliminary plan and deduce with every single step that I take. First, I asked to Russian Embassy in Beijing by email, I sent it on 26 December 2017

Dear Mr/Mrs
I’m Achdiyatma Sudiro, solo traveler from Indonesia. I have been traveling for 7 countries since August 2017. I start my trip from Indonesia-Singapore-Malaysia-Vietnam- Cambodia-Thailand-Laos-China. My next destination is Russia.

While I’m traveling I make personal travel stories and short movie about every country that I visit and share it to the public.

My current position in Tianjin, China. I have a plan to travel around Russia after China, is it possible for Indonesian to process the Russian visa in Beijing?

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