The Journey from Indonesia to Russia via China and Mongolia

I lost my bus, they left me because I spent a lot of time in the immigration. I already paid ¥40 for the bus, and they left me, my Mongolian friends that I met on the bus also left me. I don’t have any transportation or someone that could speak English. For all of you who want to cross from China to Mongolia, or from Hanoi to China you should be prepare to face many securities inspection. China, they pretty strict with the foreigner who passing by on their country.

Just said as confident as you can, don’t be fret. Especially for Indonesian, you will feel like an alien for them, I don’t know in the past, are there any Indonesian who already crossed the border from Hai Phong to China, and China to Mongolia by overland. As far as I know, I didn’t find any articles talking about it. That’s why China immigration suspicious with me.

I always spend around 45-60 minutes in the immigration, longer than the others but I never be afraid, just take it easy. At the time, I just relax, sat and opened my meal box, ate my palm dates, peanuts, and sweet potatoes in front of them. I don’t care what they’re thinking about me.

At the end, they allowed me to leave from China and went to Mongolia. They smile at me, and said I’m sorry and good luck for your trip. 2 soldiers guide me and gave me a way and took me to the car. I asked them, how much I should pay for the car. They said you don’t need to pay. It’s free.

Ah ya, I have a suggestion for you. When you stay for long duration in China, at least you can show and explain to the Immigration what did you do. At the time I spent a month in China, I already explain a lot of things but it’s not totally working. Luckily my host gave me the certificate, it contains the explanation what did I do for a month, where I stay, and bla bla bla. I just showed this certificate and done, they allow me to go.

This is where the bad stories began. I met some Mongolian, they couldn’t speak English. They just smile at me. When I’m arrived in Mongolian immigration, the same things happened again like when I’m in China Immigration. They looked on my passport for a long time, they couldn’t speak English. I just said to them I don’t need any visa to enter your country.

Suddenly this girl yelled to the others, Indonesiaaa Indonesiaaa… then all the securities looked at me, I thought they will arrest me, but suddenly they smile at me, and gave me a way. Just 5 minutes, they gave me stamp. When I’m finished from Mongolian Immigration, I waited another people who sat on the same car with me, but I didn’t find anyone. I tried to remember my car, then I found it but there’s no one there. I waited for a long time until the driver came.

Actually it’s not really far from the border to the train station, it’s around 10 minutes by car, but at the time I was thinking it will be far away. Suddenly he asked for money with his body language. I just pretending that I didn’t understand. I just said I want to go to the train station to Ulaanbataar.

He didn’t understand, and always ask about money. He stopped his car on the car park, I was thinking this is my train station, then directly I open the door but suddenly he arrested me, and call all Mongolian drivers who sat near the train station, he called his friend that could speak English.

I knew he asked for money, and I say to his friend, tell him ‘I don’t want to pay him. That soldiers told me I don’t need to pay anything. Why I should pay? Let me know, how much that he want? His friend said ¥100, I said to her, are you kidding me? It’s not far but I should pay ¥100?

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