The Journey from Indonesia to Russia via China and Mongolia

We became a best friend since I came on the first week. He always hug me from behind. He looks so sad, when he knew I’ll leave from China. He hold me tight, and said please don’t go, sit here (on the last day I met him). I asked him to write his name on my boots. I said, I want to keep it as memories. When you see some of my pictures were used brown shoes, that shoes were gift from his grandma when she know I’ll go to Mongolia.

That’s gift for me because I don’t have warm shoes. His grandma always say thank you to me when she picked up Jackson, because there’s someone care with him, and Jackson also likes me. If you see there’s a plant vs zombie character, that’s gift for him. He really likes zombie, I put my name on the bottom, to remind him about our memories. I just know that he likes zombie after I bought that mini character.

Btw, in Tianjin I worked as a volunteer, I taught about English and Art, but I combine those 2 materials into 1 pack. So the kids will be happy and more enthusiast. About the money that I took a lot on the ICBC bank, I spent it to buy winter stuff in Decathlon. That’s the affordable outdoor shop in China, and it also has good quality. They have good website with good specification products.

I did a lot of researched on their website, try to compare 1 stuff to another stuff, and listed it. When I’m arrived in Decathlon, I just show my listed, and their employess in Tianjin were very helpful. I’m totally satisfied. I’m not doing promotion, but it’s fact, it’s true stories that happened to me.

I need to buy the good one for my winter stuff due to the extreme cold in Mongolia, it’s around -28°C until -60°C. So far when I’m traveling Mongolia I always get the temperature between -28°C until -42°C. For Mongolian, it’s warm temperature, based on the information that I got from 1 family who lived in Tsagaannuur, they ever got the lowest temperature between -50°C until -60°C.

When everything’s done I went to Beijing on early morning, I took the bus from my place to Tianjin Railway station it cost ¥1, I waited from 05.15 am and I got 06.00 am. From the train station I took the express train from Tianjin to Beijing. It cost ¥54.50, with 110km distances it’s just take 30 minutes. From Beijing I went to Dahongmen St, line 10. I went to the exit C – South East and took 10 minutes by walking. From Dahongmen to Muxiyuan I paid ¥3.

When I’m arrived, I walked to Muxiyuan bus station in Beijing. It tooks around 20 – 30 minutes by walking. Actually there were 2 names Muxiyuan bus station, the old one and the new one. I choose the new one, but it was wrong. I didn’t find any official ticket bus to Mongolia.

I arrived around 01.00 pm, there were many people come to me to offer the ticket bus to Mongolia because at the time I’m the only one who used 2 big backpacks. They might be know that I’m looking for the bus to Mongolia. I asked them how much for the ticket, they said ¥ 220 which is lil bit expensive from the official ticket. I tried to bargain with ¥ 180, and we deal with ¥ 200 which is the same price for the official ticket.

Based on my researched the black market will sell the ticket around ¥ 250 to ¥ 260. I waited in the small cargo house until 18.00 pm, all of them mostly Mongolian. I can charge my devices inside, took a rest and boiled the water. I took the bus from Beijingl to Erlian. I arrived in Erlian around 07.00 am then I waited the bus from Erlian to Zamiin-Uud. The bus came around 09.00 am, it cost ¥ 40 and it takes 15 minutes until you arrived in the border.

Well, at the time I’m the only one foreigner in the border, all of them were Mongolian. As I told you before, it’s not the time for traveler visit Mongolia, because of the weather. In the border, China Immigration arrested me for 45 minutes until 1 hour, they asked me many questions.

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