The Journey from Indonesia to Russia via China and Mongolia

On the last day I don’t have any transportation to take me back to the Murun. The driver gave me 25.000 to pay another driver but at the end he took back the money and I got my ride on the next day early morning. You can imagine about the total price, If the transportation from Murun to Taiga costed 25.000 tugrik and vice versa, and during my stayed, I just ate piece of meat and noodle. (-)

When I’m arrived in Murun, I need to do my responsibilities as a volunteer. On the first until third days I taught on her English club, I don’t have a break time like she said before. Previously she said I will teach from 11.00 pm until 01.00 pm and 14.00 pm until 16.00 pm. I thought I will have 1 hour break, but it was not. Sometimes I didn’t have a break time, and I taught until 16.00 pm.

I never have this experience before, even I worked as a volunteer in very2 poor area in the mountain of Cambodia, they care with the volunteer, fair. They treat us as a human, not like a robot. So far when I work as a volunteer, I always have a break time for 1 hour and we always on time, when is the lunch or dinner time. As volunteers we work as hard as we can as good as we can, we didn’t ask for money.

We just need the host or the owner care to the volunteers and treat us as a human not like a robot by working non-stop without eat. I always headache on my first week because of that things, until I can hold it anymore and I asked ‘when is the lunch time in Mongolia?’

After that, she and her husband were very2 care, they always give me a food, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also gave me a bunch of meals when I leave her place. I never expect or ask to have a good meal, I can eat anything. I ever life with the poor kids in the mountain, we just eat very2 simple things, just rice, salt and one kind of vegetable without meat but they are really care to the volunteers by giving their food on time because they know hard volunteers work for them without paid. (+)

I am sad and disappointed because I lost my gifts that I bought in China for my family. I just bought those 3 simple toys because I don’t have much money, but I know my family will be happy when I gave those 3 simple toys. It’s very important and valuable things for me. At the time her daughter saw my toys, and she asked me ‘is it okay to hang them on my daughter’s bag? There are 4 toys okay? (3 toys for my family and 1 doll the gift from my best friend in Vietnam) She tried to convince me that everything will be okay and I can get it back on the last day before I leave. I said, ‘okay, no problem’

But the weird things happened 2 days before I leave. 1 toy disappear, and I asked her ‘where is the totoro?’ She didn’t answer. On the last day, I’m totally surprised all of my toys gone, except the dolls from my friend in Vietnam (this one not really interesting than those 3 toys).

I asked her, where is my toys? She can’t answer. I’m not sure If it’s lost because there’s one character that her daughter likes. At the time I want to give her since she told me that she likes that character but at the end, all of my toys gone. I’m very sad. You can’t imagine how valuable it is. It’s not my toys, it’s just small and cheap gifts for my family. I’m okay If that’s mine, not as a gift for someone you love (-)

By the way, the kids on her English club were very2 smart and cute, I’m happy to teach them (+). But there’s a problem, when I taught the kids, on the same time there’s another student with totally different level. Only 1 teacher but there are 2 different levels on the same time, it’s hard for me to focus and try decide the materials as fair as possible (-)

I gave a suggestion to divide the class based on their level. So it’s easy for the teacher and student to focus, and no one student disappointed because maybe the levels of materials totally different.

When there’s a foreign teacher that couldn’t speak Mongolian, it’s very important they have teaching assistant in the class, to translate from English to Mongolian, so they are understand. Sometimes when I taught, and there were no teaching assistant in the class they just pretending that they understand. So far when I taught in Asian Countries, I always have 1 teaching assistant that helps me to translate from English to their language.

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