The Journey from Indonesia to Russia via China and Mongolia

That’s is the link that Mongolian Embassy in Beijing showed to me. I also asked them, “If I need a visa to your country, why you allowed me to entrance your country in Zamiin-Uud border?” Seriously, I already angry with them, and speak loudly but they didn’t understand and always said my passport it’s not official passport and they asked me “If you want to go to Russia you need to have Mongolian visa, you can get it.

Just pay it now with 115.000, then you can go to Russia or If you don’t want to pay, you will go back to Ulaanbaatar or back to your country”.  Seriously, it’s totally useless to talk with them, I said “you can call Mongolian embassy in China or my country, but they didn’t care”

At the end, I paid it. Just in 5 minute, they gave me directly Mongolian visa in the exit border. They smile, shake my hand and said good luck. I just show my lil finger down, which means in Mongolia it’s a bad sign. I said Mongolian is bad. They just laugh.

That’s my lil story, I hope it will be useful for all of you. Remember that 1 kindness that you shared, you will get more and more, you don’t even know when and where. That’s the only thing that makes me survive until now. I don’t have much money, all I have just my skills, knowledge, time and energy to help another people.

Ahh I forgot, last but not least, my dreams. You should have a target, so, you always know where do you want to go, and it gives you spirit when you’re tired or failed in the middle to achieve your dream. My dreams are, I can arrive in Canada, and work in film Industry. I don’t know when I can achieve it, but I always try it. That’s why my direction always going to the North and turn right to Alaska and Canada.

The stories in Russia also very interesting for me, I’ll tell about it in another part. Honestly, at this time, I’m not lucky I made a mistake when I processed my Russian visa, I just put 7 days on my tourist voucher. I thought I’ll get 30 days visa. Now I’m looking for how to extend my visa in Russia, I only have 4 days left. Maybe Russia is the end of my journey, or maybe there’s another surprise in the future. I don’t know.

I’m still confuse which country that I should visit. Actually my direction is Vladivostok, processed another visa such as Japan, Korea or Canada. It’s like I almost close to my dream “Canada” but the way to get there it’s not an easy. I don’t know what will happen next. Now I’m stuck. Maybe there’s someone that can help me. See you in another story. (*)

The Journey from Indonesia to Russia via China and Mongolia – end.

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