The Journey from Indonesia to Russia via China and Mongolia

The Journey from Indonesia to Russia via China and Mongolia

Part VI: Surprised at the end of my journey in Mongolia
At the time, I was thinking from Tsaganuur I could cross directly to Russian Border but there’s no transportation. I asked another option to my host, there’s 1 van will take you from Murun to Selenge province, the province before Altanbulag Border but it cost 60.000 tugrik which is more expensive than direct bus from Ulaanbataar to Ulan-Ude Russia.

I didn’t take that option because the van just drop off me before the border, I need to take a taxi to the border then from the border I need to take another transportation to the near train station that can take me to Ulaan-Ude, the distance around 42 km to 50 km. From that station I can take the train to Ulan-Ude, which is to many steps, and waste of time, money and energy.

I decided go back to Ulaanbaatar to take direct bus to Ulan-Ude, it cost around 72.000 tugrik, the time schedule is 07.30 am, 13.00 pm or 15.00 pm (I forgot), and 19.30 pm. I choose 07.30 am, then I contact my host in Ulaanbatar that I will come back and I can help her If they still have something to do.

When I’m arrived in the guest house I met 1 Austria guy, we did a lot of conversation. He looks under the weather, and at the time, I’m also hungry. I only have few meals not much. Just eggs and potatoes, since I’m in Mongolia I just ate rice 3 times. On the first time when I’m arrived, on the second week, and the last week when I met Reindeer Family in Northern part of Mongolia.

The price of rice it’s quite expensive that’s why It’s not often for me to eat with rice. I never buy the rice just potatoes or breads, that rice I got from my host. Mongolia also it’s my first country that I always eat with meat 3 times a day, from horse, sheep, goat, beef and yak. To be honest their meat is number 1 I think, it’s smooth and delicious. I never buy for the meat, because I got free meals every day from my volunteer places.

Based on the 1 family who lived in Tsagaanuur, they said the price for 1 full goat or camel just 60.000 tugrik, which is almost same with the transportation from Ulaanbataar to Ulan-Ude. For 1 full cow, it cost 400.000 Tugrik. I’m surprised when I heard about it, because in my country for 1 full cow it cost 5.277.321 tugrik or $ 2.197. Btw I gave him the simple meal. We ate together. He said thanks for the food, I just said ‘no, it’s okay. It’s my pleasure to help another traveler. I know how does it feel like to be a tight budget traveler, sometimes we didn’t eat for 1 day because we don’t have much money.’

Suddenly he helped me a lot. I told him I have some problems when I go to Russia such as my visa, and I don’t have any place in Russia. He gave me a lot of Information, he tried to ask all his friends in Russia that I’m looking for a place. Then I got it few hours before my arrival. Here’s the surprise part of my journey in Mongolia.

I hope everything will be fine when I crossed the border, but it’s totally not. All the officers in Mongolia immigration confused about my passport, I told them that I don’t need any visa to visit your country. All of them didn’t understand English. I spent 1 hour in Immigration, I thought I already lost my bus like when I’m in China, but no. Thank you so much, Russian, you’re very kind.

The drivers and the passengers, they were still waiting for me. The Mongolian immigration looks confused and busy only to find the information about my passport. I showed them the Mongolian website that showed the information for Indonesian official passport or diplomatic we got 30 days free entry. Here’s the link

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