The Journey from Indonesia to Russia via China and Mongolia

I don’t want to pay, and I directly took all of my stuff and suddenly, another driver hold me pretty tight, they want fight with me, this fat driver said ‘I’m Mongolian with Angry face’ I said, I don’t care who you are, his bigger than me, he has a lot friends that can help him to fight, but I don’t care. I took my bags and pushed through all the drivers.

Then this driver gave his phone to me, his friend said to me, If you don’t pay he will take me back to the immigration or to the police. Then I said, ya.. take me back.. I don’t care. This driver suddenly pulled and threw my bag to the car, his drove like a chicken with the burn ass.

When he drove into somewhere, I directly marked the place that I thought the train station on my offline map. Just in case he dropped off me in the middle of nowhere and It was true, he did it. Hhh, I’m not as idiot as you think, I don’t care how far you took me in the middle of nowhere, I knew how to going back. He dropped off me in the middle of desert and snow, no one there. He stopped and said, go…

I just go without say anything and I didn’t close the door. The first impression about Mongolian drivers were inadequate. I walked, looked to the map and woow it’s very far from the train station. I need 1 h and 41 min until I’m arrived. I tried to looking around, then I made a short cut by my feeling. I didn’t follow the map.

I just used my instinct, I walked under the sun, in the middle of sand dunes and snow, when I through this way suddenly one by one the wild dog barked at me, I kept calm and passed them one by one. Until suddenly there’s one dog ran to me and want to bite my leg. I ran to the alley with heavy bag. He couldn’t find me, but he gave the signal to the others. so I should be deduced, which way that I should take when I saw the dogs.

I’m very tired and thirsty, when I took my bottle it was freezing. I’m hungry, then I took my apple and my bread, but it’s freezing too. I kept walking and sometimes sat on the snow. I’m worried I lost my train because based on my researched the last train will be leaved at 04.00 pm, and at 03.40 pm I’m still far away from the train station.

I’m very tired, then suddenly there’s an old man with his car came to me, I tried to hitchhike and I said ‘Zamiin Uud with the finger pointing’ he said with body language to let me in on his car. When I’m arrived he asked me for money. I thought this guy will help me like when I hitchhiked in Thailand. I pretended with my body language that I don’t have money and he just let me go, because If I asked how much, he will charge me with exorbitant prices.

(FYI, in Mongolia all the people can be a driver as long as they have driving license, so I think it’s lil bit hard for you to hitchike. You can do it, but make sure they didn’t ask for money).

Finally I’m arrived, and luckily the train will be left at 06.00 pm and it cost 22.000 tugrik and took around 12 hours. Btw the shortcut that I did, works perfectly, I made a short cut from regular time on map 1 h 41 min into 40 minutes, include the free ride lol. And here’s it’s the good stories began. I met someone that help me to buy the Mongolian sim card, I used Mobicom, 20.000 Tugrik for 1 month internet with 3 Gigabyte mobile data, it’s pretty good and fast If you stayed in the city, but when you go to the countryside the connection was not really good.

He also accompanied me to find my guest house. I worked as a content writer on the travel agency in Ulaanbaatar. It’s pretty laid-back, I can do many things in my free time. The internet connection was really fast, they provided me with free food and accommodation. It also has hot shower. The location was pretty good, near the supermarket and embassy.

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